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Welcome to the site of Littera Translation Agency!

Probably if you dropped in on us, you need:

  • a translation into Russian
  • a translation from Russian

You have just scored the hit. You have come to the right place.

If you really appreciate the quality of a translation, if you care about the appearance of the target document, if you need to be sure your translation will be completed in time, and with high quality, then you are one step away from the solution of your problems.

The main line of activity of Littera Translation Agency is

  • technical translation of various texts and documents.

This includes translation in the fields of science, technology, business, finance, medicine, etc. Most of our translators have the core background, which ensures the adequacy of the translation.
What we do:

  • translation of specifications, manuals, monographs, articles, booklets, brochures;
  • translation of websites;
  • translation of standards, patents, agreements, contracts;
  • translation of reports, correspondence, reviews;
  • translation of certification documents

from English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, and about 30 other languages.

We translate into most European languages, and besides, into Chinese, Japanese, Turkish and many others; actually, we can cope with any topic.

The philosophy of our Agency includes strict conformity between the target document and the source one, grammatic and stylistic accuracy of the translation, layout/ formatting of the document as you need it (including DTP), and observance of deadlines.

High quality of our translations is ensured by the fact that they are performed by experts in the respective subject matter (rather than by linguists with some technical background) with perfect command of the target language (whether it is a widespread one, like English, or an Eastern language). All our translators have passed a strict selection and are continuously upgrading their skills.

You will find working with us comfortable and easy. We accept jobs orders in any form (MS Office documents, hardcopies, scanned images, PDF files, DTP, Internet links, etc.).
We receive documents via email, FTP links, or fax. If your company has a representative in Moscow, we will send our courier to pick up the hardcopies or disks.

If required, we will prepare your documents for web-publication, printing in any publication, we can order printing of the translation or other materials in a printshop.

We are committed to high quality, reasonable prices and deadlines, reliability and cooperation. We are sorry we cannot offer you a cup of coffee right away, but our smiles and best regards are always at your disposal!

We do appreciate your visiting us. Come again!

We wish to you and to your company every success and prosperity

Alexey Kolesnichenko, Director

Littera Translation Agency